Should Reagan be on the $50 bill?

I think that Reagan should be on an utterly new bill, the -$50 bill. This new bill could act as an IOU of sorts and be quite useful. It also handily illustrates how Reagan was able to squander our prosperity by cutting taxes for his rich fat cat friends in order for them to then trickle the money down to the rest of us, which didn’t happen. Never has someone been able to get rid of so much money so quickly (George W. Bush notwithstanding). So the -$50 makes sense. If we wanted to put a different president on the $50 bill, maybe we should put Clinton who was more fiscally conservative and generated a surplus. So if you are insistent on taking Grant off of the $50 bill, this would definitely be the month to do it (Confederate History Month).

Now I’m hearing some talk on the internet about getting Reagan on Mount Rushmore. While that’s an idea, I think we should also think long and hard about a ‘Lenin’s Tomb’ idea. Maybe we could exhume Reagan’s body and put it near an AIDS memorial. Given that he ignored that disease because it was gays who had it, it would really tweak the bleeding heart liberals if we did that.

If neither of those ideas can get traction, I vote that we at least get the eternal flame off of Kennedy’s grave and put it on Reagan’s.

– Rita Chang